Darko Bunic

Hi, my name is Darko Bunic. I am a married, father of two and live in Zagreb, Croatia.

My job
I work full time as Information Systems Manager in IT department. We’re developing intranet Web applications based on Linux, Apache, MySQL / Oracle and PHP. Web applications are based on our own PHP framework with automatic XML generation from SQL queries. This way, we have clean application architecture and separated data, business logic and presentation layer (using XSL). I wrote several posts about PHP and XML:

From MySQL to XML with PHP
From MySQL to HTML with PHP and XML

Technologies in short
Do you remember Commodore 64? That was my beginning at the age of 14. First it was Basic then assembler for 6510 microprocessor. In high school we programmed in Pascal. In college period I learned Fortran, C, Motorola 68000, SQL, 4GL and PIC micro controller. After my employment in 1996, technologies came one after another: databases (Ingres, MySQL, Oracle), Java, Linux, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Python …

In my case, blogging was a natural step to share experience and learned technologies. Many of my posts focus on how to concepts to explain and provide information in a simple and easy way. I also use my own website as a cookbook or to write down something that I’ve already done and spent some time. WordPress is just another PHP based site so making WordPress modifications is also fun to do.

My hobbies
My hobby is machining with mini-lathe, CNC and electronics. Actually I have plans to build a CNC machine from old printers but I’m just finished stepper controller. Yes, you can see how my PIC stepper controller works.

I have few other videos on YouTube (not related to Web technologies). ;)

If you want, you can send me email to:

Thank you for stopping by.