Disable image dragging in FireFox

FireFox 3 has a behaviour where clicking on image (even background image) and moving your mouse will start to drag that image around. Actually, when you drag an image, the browser thinks you want to save it to the desktop, so it starts default dragging action. To disable image dragging in FireFox, you will have to prevent default action on mousedown event for the image.

Enable Java applets in Firefox on Linux

You can very easy enable Java applets in FireFox on Linux. In my case, I use Fedora Core 10 and FireFox version 3. Here are steps how to enable Java applets in FireFox …

FireFox displays blurred image

I spent few hours till I found reason why my image (gravatar) looks blurred on WordPress page. I tried to change CSS, upgrade FireFox, set bigger gravatar … In short, the reason was page zoom. After Zoom Reset, images were displayed normally.