GNOME wrong window scaling on TV

After connecting HTPC via HDMI cable to 42″ LG TV (42LD650), resolution was correctly set to 1920×1080 (HDTV) but screen was recognized as 7″. The result was wrong scaling for windows, fonts and mouse pointer. Luckily, solution is easy and with gsettings command (and logout/login) GNOME 3.10 desktop environment is set to normal in a minute.

Preview sound files in Gnome

Nautilus, the file manager for the GNOME desktop has a cool feature of playing music whenever the mouse is over an icon representing an audio file. To enable sound preview, you will have to install GStreamer Ugly Plug-ins and turn on Preview sound files in Nautilus.

Select windows when the mouse moves over

After installation of Fedora Core 12, I couldn’t find option “focus window on mouse over”. In previous Fedora, there was Window Preferences in GNOME with following options: Window Selection, Titlebar Action and Movement Key. The solution was to install control-center-extra package.

GNOME – always on top

How to permanently set application window to be always on top in GNOME? Yes, you can right click on window header in GNOME, and check always on top. Unfortunately, after closing window, this setting will not remain. In three steps, I will show how to set calculator (gcalctool) to stay permanently above …