Un-fixing Fixed Elements with CSS Transforms

In Chrome version 41, DIV element with fixed position had additional offset – offset that shouldn’t appear. After googling for a while, I have found the the cause of such behaviour – CSS transform style on parent container. Disabling transform style has fixed the problem.

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SEO for beginners

In this article you will find few tips for beginners to write articles based on SEO rules. SEO means – Search Engine Optimization. Articles written by SEO rules will result with better PageRank (higher position in Google, Yahoo, MSN …). Optimization rules can be grouped to: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization are techniques or rules performed on article itself, while off-page optimization it’s done on other sites.

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Transparent PNG image

Page about making transparent PNG image regardless FireFox and Internet Explorer and how to create transparent PNG image with GIMP.