GT-S5570 CyanogenMod tweaks

In this post I will show how to increase internal storage for GT-S5570 (Samsung Galaxy Mini) with installed CyanogenMod and how to uninstall ROM Manager. ROM Manager is incompatible with the Mini, and will brick the phone, so it’s recommended to remove this application included in CyanogenMod by default. After this few tweaks, CM and S5570 will be a really nice combination.

1) Increase internal storage

GT-S5570 has only 180MB of initial storage and that is modest comparing to other similar phones. Searching for solution to increase storage will result with several options. Here is one on XDA for stock ROMs:

[HACK] Increase Internal Memory Size to Whatever You Want!

This is not suitable for my case because phone has installed CyanogenMod 7.2 custom ROM. Let’s go straight to the point. The easiest way is to install simple2ext (s2e) application. This app is free and it works with CM7,9,10. It is only needed to create ext partition on SD card, install application (configure) and to reboot the phone. In case with 4GB SD card, I created 1GB ext4 partition (set without journaling in s2e configuration) and after reboot storage was expanded.

[Script/APK] S2E (simple2ext): app2sd for CyanogenMod7

2) Uninstall ROM Manager

Second part is removing ROM Manager from the phone. Many users bricked their Minis because of current incompatibility ROM Manager and S5570 phone. The best option is to uninstall that application. Here are simple steps how to do it with Terminal Emulator (terminal is already installed in CM7). So, start terminal application and execute several shell commands (commands and file names are case sensitive). Here is my whole contents of the terminal history (first application is listed, then /system partition is remounted as read-write and finally ROM Manager is deleted):

$ su
# ls /system/app/R*
# mount -o rw,remount /system
# rm /system/app/RomManager.apk
# exit
$ exit

I’m not sure if is needed to remount /system as “ro” after this procedure is finished, so I rebooted my phone just for any case. Anyway, on CyanogenMod wiki is the list of all applications that are safe to remove. My kid doesn’t need DSP Manager also, so I deleted this application on the similar way without any problem.

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