Drag and Drop table content with JavaScript

Content of HTML table cells can be dragged to another cell or another table. It isn't difficult to define onMouseMove handler and change top / left element styles to move the object. In case with tables, you will have to determine somehow destination cell. Attaching onMouseOver handler on TD elements will not work, because browser doesn't fire events to the elements beneath the dragged object.

JavaScript date validation

JavaScript date validation can be done in many ways like month range testing, day range testing (depending on number of days in the month) and so on. Here is shown much simpler solution. Take day, month and year from input string to create JavaScript Date object. Compare input day, month and year with day, month and year extracted from the Date() object. If they aren't the same then the input date is not valid.

JavaScript dialog box

If you aren't satisfied with prompt, confirm, alert or window.open, then this JavaScript dialog box can be your choice. Dialog box is emulated with two DIVs. First DIV overlays whole page (transparency is styled to 60%) while second DIV is positioned at the page center. That's nothing new but JavaScript code is short, well commented and closed in own namespace (for easier integration with other frameworks).

REDIPS.drag documentation - Appendix A

Here is list of keywords (mostly class names) used in REDIPS.drag library. Id of drag container(s) or table cell class names should be named properly to achieve needed functionality like cloning DIV elements, adding trash cell, mark cells, adding row handler or mark table as "nolayout". This post is appendix to the REDIPS.drag documentation post.