Drag and drop table content plus animation


This demo is just another example of using REDIPS.drag JavaScript library. Example shows drag-n-drop functionality in combination with animation. Please try to drag DIV elements or table rows and watch the movements in other table. I hope this demo will give you a general picture and show possibilities of REDIPS.drag library.

Table 1
Table 2

Tables are closed within separated drag containers so elements from first table cannot be dragged to the second table and vice versa. REDIPS.drag inclusion and initialization will enable drag-n-drop for all elements found inside drag containers (one or many) - and this is just a skeleton. Application logic and rules will be realized inside event handlers (like moving mirrored element from other table or locking movement while animation is not finished).

From version 4.3.0+, table content and rows can be moved to target position not only by dragging but also by using public method moveObject(). In next few examples you can see how DIV element or table row can be moved from source to the target position. Method offers definition of callback function after moving is over.

// reference to the REDIPS.drag class
var rd = REDIPS.drag;
// initialization

// move element with id="a1" to the current location and after
// animation is finished display alert "Finished"
    id: 'a1',
    callback: function () {

// move element with id="a2" to the first table, second row and third cell
    id: 'a2',
    target: [0, 1, 2]

// move first row and after animation is finished call "enable_button" function
// "move_object" returns Array with references of table_mini and source row
row = rd.moveObject({
          mode: 'row',             // animation mode - row
          source: [0, 0],          // source position (table index and row index)
          target: [0, 6],          // target position
          callback: myEnableButton // function to call after animation is finished

Minimized and gzipped, REDIPS.drag library is less than 10KB. Here is compressed version used in this demo: redips-drag-min.js.jgz. Complete list of public properties and methods is documented on REDIPS.drag documentation page (generated with JsDoc Toolkit). Inside redips2.tar.gz package you will find many examples and well commented source code ready for modification.

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12 Responses to Drag and drop table content plus animation

  1. BaneRS says:

    Hey! Awesome scripts and guides.

    Is there any way to show animation while object is reverting to its original position or previous state?
    If I may include example this is exactly what i would like to see:

    That little part can make a huge difference for some developers.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. dbunic says:

    @BaneRS - Here is code for undo option. Just call undo function from button click or any other event.

    // define global variables
    var rd,
        div = {};
    redips_init = function () {
        // reference to the REDIPS.drag library
        rd = REDIPS.drag;
        // initialization
        // event handler invoked if element is moved from home position.
        rd.myhandler_moved = function () {
            // save element ID and start position to the "div" object
            div.id = rd.obj.id;
            div.position = rd.get_position();
    // undo for the last move (function can be called on button click)
    function undo() {
        // move element to the start position
            id: div.id,
            target: div.position
    // add onload event listener
    if (window.addEventListener) {
        window.addEventListener('load', redips_init, false);
    else if (window.attachEvent) {
        window.attachEvent('onload', redips_init);
  3. BaneRS says:

    Thank you very much.

  4. m4gz says:

    omg again tones of code for a simple function...

  5. dbunic says:

    @m4gz - REDIPS.drag library grows because of a lot built-in features. Minimized and gzipped library has size of 10KB so it's not so big ;)

    Anyway, after lib is included in HTML page, with configuration and few JS lines you can have drag and drop functionality. Just place HTML table within <div id="drag"></div> and dropping layout is finished. REDIPS.drag will highlight table cells, shift content, clone DIV elements, apply dropping rules, autoscroll (page and container) and execute JS code in event handlers. If needed, REDIPS.drag lib can be useful.

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  8. Dipankar says:

    Really great!!!!
    I want a web based file explorer (in tree structure) and drag a file from one directory and drop to another directory. Is it possible?
    Can you help me...

  9. dbunic says:

    @Dipankar - REDIPS.drag is drag and drop library based on HTML table. If you can create filemanager using table then yes - it's possible. You have a lot of event handlers to write custom JS code. For example - in the moment when DIV element is dropped to the cell, event.dropped() will be called. There can be AJAX code launching communication with server side (to save position of dropped DIV element). Inside redips2.tar.gz package you will find many examples ready to start from. If you will have problem during development I will try to help you.

  10. Dipankar says:

    Thanks a lot to you and redips.net....Just I want to confirm that the library supports which browses and version (IE 8/abobe,Mozila firefox,croma etc.). Let me try as per your suggestion and i will get bk to u

  11. Dipankar says:

    thanks dbunic!!!I was trying with Table in Apache Click but not able to do....any advise for me

  12. dbunic says:

    @Dipankar - REDIPS.drag is tested in FF3+, IE8+, Google Chrome 10+, Safari 5+ and Opera 11+. If you find any bug in these browsers I will try to fix the bug.

    Next, please try to start your project from one of the ready examples in package. If you need AJAX communication good examples to start are: example 3 (AJAX version), example16 (a bit complicated), example22 and example23.

    Hope this will be good to start.

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