Android emulator – has stopped unexpectedly

After starting android virtual device (emulator) it was unable to use it because of continuously showing popup with error message. Emulator complained that has stopped unexpectedly – something really odd. Clicking on OK closed dialog but emulator immediately displayed the new one on the desktop. Starting and stopping AVD didn’t help. Here is complete error message:

The process has stopped unexpectedly

Among other errors, LogCat also printed:

android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: Can't upgrade read-only database from
version 327686 to 393222: /data/data/

It seemed that an error has occurred suddenly (without reason), but later I realized that closing emulator while booting could be the reason. I was tweaking AVD parameters and instead of x86 I set ARM emulator. Booting ARM emulator is slower then x86 so I didn’t want to wait until booting process finishes. I closed Gingerbread emulator and launch another (ICS tablet) for some other application. Next day, after starting Gingerbread emulator I was in trouble.

Well, solution is very simple (after reading logs with LogCat and several hours Googling). Delete broken AVD from Eclipse (Android Virtual Device Manager) and create the new one with the same settings. New AVD should launch without a problem and you will be able to continue developing Android applications.

Hope this post will save your time in case of similar problem.

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  1. My intention with this post was to save somebody’s time. If this was achieved, then the goal is met.
    Thanks guys!

  2. Solving Unfortunately the process has stopped IN HTC>>>ANY MODEL

    I was in this trouble for 6 days, I gave my cellphone to many Repairman And I asked them if any friend of them can fix it please do it. But nobody with any expensive Boxes couldn’t to fix. I got my HTC sensation and I was very sad. But Abruptly I found a way. I did my cellphone to SUPER CID with ADB & FASTBOOT before. Because of that change my phone didn’t know my SIM card. Other users only get an update and they fall into this problem. I am in IRAN (middle east).


    in HTC Series CID s are here:


  3. @Reza Pourazar – Your comment is not directly related to this post but it can be very useful for others. Thank you for description and how to resolve the problem.

  4. Hi I am facing the same error in my Micromax A190 mobile phone with kitkat 4.2.2 on it. I just turned on airplane mode and after that when I resumed to normal mode it started giving me error message ” Unfortunately, the process has stopped ” is coming on the screen. I am not able to use my phone at all. I can only use my phone on airplane mode. I have tried with many sim cards same results. I have cleared cache from many apps as mentioned on many Google posts. I have done factory reset many times no result. I have wiped my phone still no solution. I have even installed my stock ROM again in my phone but still getting the same error. Really fed up not able to use my phone at all. Please help me to sort this issue.

  5. @Bhupinder Singh – This post describes “ has stopped” error on emulator – not on real phone so I’m not sure that I can help you. Hopefully someone else will read your comment and give solution for your problem.

  6. Hi, I am facing an issue after setting up the android development environment in Ubuntu10.10(32 bit) with Eclipse IDE. I can able to create the AVD successfully. When I launch the AVD using the command “$ emulator -avd AVD_Name” I am getting the following message and the AVD get launched with black screen.

    “Failed to create Context 0x3005
    emulator: WARNING: Could not initialize OpenglES emulation, using software renderer.”

    I have googled and unable to find the solution.
    Please assist me.

  7. Thanks A Lot….. I am new in Android Devlopement. It worked for me……

  8. I have a problem running this example. It says it’s having a problem “no activity found to handle intent ( (has extras). This seems to me to mean there is not barcode scan app installed on the emulated device…I don’t know how to get one on there. Can you help?

  9. when i run dialog program at android its run and certainly closed emulator a msg pop up emulator closed unexpectedly..

  10. i have a new verson of android 2.2 ,its normally working but when i use dialog coding its run and dialog pop up .as its pop up my emulator become closed and msg pop up that emulator has closed un expectedly ..plz hip if any one know about its

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