Select windows when the mouse moves over

After installation of Fedora Core 12, I couldn’t find option “focus window on mouse over”. In previous Fedora, there was Window Preferences in GNOME with following options: Window Selection, Titlebar Action and Movement Key. The solution was to install control-center-extra package.

First check if you have Windows option in Fedora Core 12 (just to be sure what’s missing).

System -> Preferences -> Windows

If not you can’t find Windows option, install the following package:

yum install control-center-extra

Package size is 59KB. After installation, Windows option should appear and you will be able to set roll-up window or select windows when the mouse moves over. Small but useful tip – I hope.

8 thoughts on “Select windows when the mouse moves over”

  1. Why this was removed as a default install is a mystery.
    Thank you, much appreciated.

  2. Is there a way to roll-up (or shade, or fold) windows when mouse over (when mouse move over it will roll up or down, like being toggled!) ?

    The cairo-dock, and other docks I think, do this. And several bars also. That would be a great workaround to Gimp tool bars that keep bothering… And to double click to roll up or down is too much effort :(…

    Btw, that control-center-extra does not seem available to ubuntu, I cant also find even its sources for version 2.30.2 (my current gnome on ubuntu).
    Any tips on this?


  3. @teique – In GNOME 2.3 (Fedora Core 14) I can only check on Select windows when the mouse moves over them, so there isn’t any other option. Maybe there is a hope with Compiz but in new GNOME 3, UI is completely redesigned and Compiz is no more supported. I’m familiar with RedHat/Fedora distributions and only have heard that Ubuntu has “Unity” as UI (please correct me if I’m wrong), so I can’t help you about Ubuntu …

  4. @dbunic
    Indeed, to find a compiz workaround can be the solution, thx!
    Btw, I like compiz a lot, so I will stick with the manager that has support for it :)
    Also, I couldnt find a gnome forum to ask for this enhancement :(
    I think this unity gui is at the latest ubuntu, but I preffer to stick to the long term supported stable releases; I think next one is next year..; so I am still with gnome :D

  5. @teique – It’s been a while and now I’m on Fedora 17 (waiting for Fedora 20 release). Just a short note that Gnome 3.4 perfectly suits my needs. I can switch through virtual desktops (with keyboard shortcut), animations are fast and I’m pretty satisfied.

    Hope you have found appropriate solution with Compiz or some substitution.

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