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If prompt, confirm, alert or are not good enough then JavaScript dialog box can be considered as an alternative choice. This dialog box is emulated with two DIV elements. First DIV overlays whole page (transparency is styled to 60%) while second DIV is positioned at the page center. That’s nothing new but JavaScript code is short, well commented and closed in its own namespace (for easier integration with other frameworks).

Try demo and see how to call method. Here are examples of how JavaScript dialog box can be called:

  1. Simple dialog, 120, ‘Simple dialog’)
  2. Bigger dialog with renamed button, 200, ‘Bigger dialog with renamed button’, ‘OK’)
  3. Dialog with two buttons, 100, ‘Dialog with two buttons’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Yes’)
  4. Action on second button, 100, ‘Action on second button’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Yes|button2’)
  5. Action on both buttons (with parameter on second button), 100, ‘Action on both buttons’, ‘Cancel|button1’, ‘Yes|button2|hello’)
  6. Dialog with image, 90, ‘/path/img1.png’)
  7. Dialog with more images, 90, ‘/path/img1.png,/path/img2.png,/path/img3.png’)
  8. Dialog with more images and text, 90, ‘Hello!|/path/img1.png,/path/img2.png,/path/img3.png’)
  9. Dialog with image and text, 160, ‘Have a nice day!|/path/spider1.png’)
  10. Dialog with image, text and action on second button, 160, ‘Delete image?|/path/spider2.png’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Yes|button2’)
  11. YouTube example, 390, ‘youtube:2JWaWfKc5Vg’)

There is option to display one or two buttons in dialog box. After button is pressed, dialog box will be closed. That is the simplest scenario. For each button you can define label, function name and parameter. Labels, function names and parameters are separated with “|”. If text ends with jpg, jpeg, gif or png, script will prepare IMG tag and display one or more images. has fade in / out overlay from 0% to 60%. There is option to change maximum overlay transparency and fade speed. Dialog box should be initialized while settings of maximum transparency and fade speed are optional. Here is example of simple configuration:

window.onload = function () {
    REDIPS.dialog.init();               // initialize dialog
    REDIPS.dialog.opHigh = 40;          // set maximum transparency to 40%
    REDIPS.dialog.fadeSpeed = 18;       // set fade speed (delay is 18ms)
    //REDIPS.dialog.close_button = 'x'; // close button definition

If input value of is in format youtube:{youtubeId} then dialog box will display YouTube video. YouTube HTML code can be changed with public property The following example shows how to display generated HTML from server side:, 400, 'server.php');

In this case, REDIPS.dialog will load server.php page via AJAX and display HTML code inside dialog. In short, if second parameter defines PHP, HTML or ASPX page then dialog will ask Web server for content using AJAX.

Two event handlers can execute custom JS code in moment of displaying and closing dialog. Here is code snippet (full JS code can be found inside example00 folder of redips4.tar.gz package):

// event handler called after dialog is displayed
REDIPS.dialog.event.displayed = function () {
    document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = 'Dialog displayed';

// event handler called after dialog is closed
REDIPS.dialog.event.closed = function () {
    document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = 'Dialog closed';

It’s also possible to display custom HTML in two steps. First, custom HTML should be defined and then displayed. If method detects “html” as parameter then custom HTML will be displayed:

// how to define custom HTML
REDIPS.dialog.html('<strong>This is my HTML</strong>');

// how to show custom HTML, 200, 'html');

// buttons definition are optional, if needed they can be defined as well, 200, 'html', 'Close');

Package redips4.tar.gz contains all examples, source code and compressed lib prepared for production.

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  1. @fpiat – That’s the right place for applying changes. But, maybe you could leave the code “as is” by calling simple function and inside simple function write any JS code like calling object methods. This is just a hint and I think it should work as well.

    Anyway, thanks for posting your code modification.

  2. When adding REDIPS.dialog.myhandler_displayed = function () { } to execute some javascript when the dialog is displayed, this does not fire the initial time the dialog is opened. It only fires the second time the dialog is opened.

  3. @Mark E – Inside redips4.tar.gz package is folder example00 with event handlers demo. After clicking on “Simple dialog” link, text in background is displayed. This works first time and every other click after. I have tested code in latest FF, Google Chrome and IE8, and all browsers execute example00 correctly. Can you prepare and send me problematic JS code so I can try to fix the bug (if there is any). Thanks in advance!

  4. @Gary – Here are examples how to define dialog with buttons and how to call a function after button click (with or without parameter):

    # Action on second button, 100, 'Action on second button', 'Cancel', 'Yes|button2')
    # Action on both buttons (with parameter on second button), 100, 'Action on both', 'Cancel|button1', 'Yes|button2|hello')

    You will find complete source code in redips4.tar.gz package (download link is below post title).

  5. Have added code to project. Code executes all the way through in Chrome debugger without error, but dialog box with an image does not display. Redips is initiated on window load. Debugger pitches no errors. What’s up with that?

  6. hi, i have used it for pop up vimeo video. it is working fine but problem is when i am closing my pop up it also playing the video in the back end until i am not clicking another link.

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