REDIPS.drag version 5.1 (what’s new)

To ensure that REDIPS.drag library will work with any other JavaScript framework, it was necessary to rename all class names. The main issue was conflict with latest version of Bootstrap and “mark” class name. This post contains list of old and new class names used by REDIPS.drag.

Classes used by REDIPS.drag library
Old name (Version 5.0) New name (Version 5.1.+)
drag redips-drag
mark redips-mark
clone redips-clone
only redips-only
single redips-single
trash redips-trash
rowhandler redips-rowhandler
row redips-row
nolayout redips-nolayout
noautoscroll redips-noautoscroll
nodrag redips-nodrag

Description for all class names and other details can be read on REDIPS.drag documentation – Appendix A post.

In case of migration to newer version (5.1), it will be needed to rename used class names as listed in above table. With this change, REDIPS.drag actually uses class names in its own namespace and conflict issues are reduced to a minimum.

Must admit that this change in REDIPS.drag (class names renaming) wasn’t easy. I had to go through nearly 5000 lines of source code, change all examples in package and edit all posts on blog. Anyway, after this change is implemented, REDIPS.drag should nicely coexists with all other JS scripts loaded in browser ecosystem.

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