WP-Cache and 0 cached pages

As I wrote in my post Make WordPress fly, WP-Cache can make WordPress very fast. I have been monitoring my www.redips.net and discovered that WP-Cache doesn’t work. Directory wp-content/cache was empty (only wp_cache_mutex.lock file was inside). WP-Cache was enabled, but in control panel was written 0 cached pages and 0 expired pages. File permissions and WP-Cache configuration were intact, but WP-Cache didn’t work any more.

I found symbolic link advanced-cache.php in wp-content directory was pointing to non existing location. I corrected link path to wp-content/plugins/wp-cache/wp-cache-phase1.php and WP-Cache started to work.

How to restore advanced-cache.php symbolic link?

My first fix attempt was to replace symbolic link with real file. I deleted broken advanced-cache.php symbolic link and copied wp-cache-phase1.php file (file was renamed to advanced-cache.php). After that, WP-Cache started to work! Oh happy me! :) But after listing files in wp-content directory, I saw that advanced-cache.php file was rewritten with correct symbolic link. Hmm, that was even better, but who did this?! Then I deleted advanced-cache.php symbolic link once again and went to the home page of www.redips.net. WP-Cache wasn’t work. After accessing WP-Cache control panel, link was recreated and WP-Cache started to work. So I concluded that accessing to the WP-Cache control panel, symbolic link will be restored. Here are steps how to restore advanced-cache.php symbolic file.

# How to restore advanced-cache.php symbolic link in wp-content directory?

1) delete advanced-cache.php symbolic link

2) access WP-Cache control panel

Why was advanced-cache.php symbolic link changed?

I’m not sure, but my guess is restored backup. Why? Because broken advanced-cache.php link was pointing to some non existing backup location. My hosting company didn’t send any warnings about backup restoring, so I will never know …

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say thanks very much for this post! I had this exact same problem, where my host moved my wp blog to another server and wp-cache stopped working, and this fix worked for me perfectly as well!!

    Thanks!! :-)

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